Brisbane Colonoscopy

Brisbane Colonoscopy

The visiting doctors offer colonoscopy procedures at two convenient locations in Brisbane; Greenslopes and Ormiston. 

The visiting doctors also provide an Open Access Colonoscopy service that allows healthy, age-appropriate patients to easily schedule a colonoscopy, usually without a pre-procedure visit.

What is a Colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is more precise than an X-ray. This procedure also allows other instruments to be passed through the colonoscope. These may be used, for example, to painlessly remove a suspicious-looking growth/lesion/polyp or to take a biopsy (a small piece for further analysis). Colonoscopy may help to avoid surgery or to better define what type of surgery may be needed in the future.

Colonoscopy is a safe and effective way to evaluate problems such as blood loss, pain, and changes in bowel habits such as chronic diarrhoea or abnormalities that may have first been detected by other tests. Colonoscopy can also identify and treat active bleeding from the bowel.

Colonoscopy is an important way to check for colon cancer and to treat colon polyps – abnormal growths on the inside lining of the intestine. Polyps vary in size and shape and, while most are not cancerous, some may turn into cancer. However, it is not possible to tell just by looking at a polyp if it is malignant or potentially malignant. This is why colonoscopy is often used to remove polyps, a technique called a polypectomy.

Indications for colonoscopy are:

  • Rectal bleeding
  • Iron deficiency anaemia.
  • Abdominal pain and alteration in bowel habit
  • The presence of colorectal cancer risk factors
  • Clarification of barium enema findings
  • Positive Faecal occult test.
    Indication for repeat colonoscopy
  • Patients with previous bowel polyps or cancer
  • Surveillance of inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Patients with a family history of bowel cancer or polyps in first degree relatives.

How should I prepare for a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy has a strict diet that must be followed prior to the procedure. A pharmaceutical product will also be given to ensure clear images are seen throughout your procedure.

Queensland Gastroenterology will give you a detailed booklet upon confirmation of your procedure.

For further information on preparing for a colonoscopy, check here for details.

What about current medications?

Please advise us of all medications prior to your procedure.

Should I arrange for help after the procedure?

You will receive sedatives so you won’t be allowed to drive after the procedure until the next day, even if you don’t feel tired. You should arrange for a ride home. You must have someone stay with you at home after the examination as the sedatives could affect your judgment and reflexes for 24 hours.